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Run around the bathroom wiggling your hips around till it dries off? I don't hear Aussie women complaining bitterly about their partner's genital hygiene, despite the majority not washing after urination and having learned this from toddler stage. And most gay men think exactly the opposite. If there is a yellowish discharge with or without a smell it could be a yeast infection but the yellow usually indicated a infection or an STD like Clydimia or Gonnerhiea. Hi VeryScared, I'd imagine that by now you've been given antibiotics for what seems to be a bad urinary tract infection. Sunny. Age: 21. then get in touch via mail Ada. Age: 20. Hello Gentlemen, I am Julie, a high level companion for exciting adventure in Paris

I'm pretty sure 99% of women don't wipe properly.

It has irritated the tissues and probably is the cause of the urinary pain. I've also sprayed after weeing with a solution if bicarbonate of soda diluted in water that soothes. Until then, keep the vagina clean, know your treatment options, and sit down slowly to avoid disrupting the healing process. My vagina is always itchy and one of the inner lips sticks out of my outer lips and is grayish, and the other stays inside my outer lips and is pink. Naturally, as a result of the microtears in the vaginal, contact with urine can cause a stinging sensation. Women have very short urethras. And am so ashamed to talk to anybody. Little white spots around the vagina. Trackbacks […] The Healthy Honeys blogger Ms Earley said she stumbled onto the idea after her husband came across another blog on using cloth wipes instead of traditional toilet paper. So I'm back to two tablets again. The best thing for that is parsley tea drunk during the day and dandelion and marshmallow tincture. Soaking in white vinegar will reduce vaginal odor after just 1 or 2 days. You may also want to try saginil gel - that really helped me, but did not get rid of the pain completely.

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For some, an abundance of moisture can also throw their vag balance out of whack. I have,had Uti many,times. Other perfumed bath products, laundry products, and even colored toilet paper can trigger a reaction. Bladder infections are treated with antibiotics. The itchiness and puffiness we talked about before might not just be from wiping too hard or the chemicals irritating you. However, there might be an explanation, and that explanation is a simple one, but also confusing: You really only need to wipe front to back after a bowel movement.

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