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And a desire to act on those feelings," argued Hermione. Faramir spent the next two weeks handing over the administrative duties to Beregond who had, at first, thought the duties a form of punishment. The young Steward's eyes narrowed as he could see Legolas' shoulders shaking with mirth even as the elf tried to hide a grin. Wine flowed and stories were exchanged as the rangers remembered fallen comrades of which there were many…far too many Faramir thought as his memory wandered back to the hopeless battle to retake Osgiliath just before he was struck down by a Southron dart. Anastasia self-consciously touched her cap with the red Head Elf stripe. He would never grow tired of his elven father's hugs he thought, so like Boromir's. Anetta. Age: 25. A city girl mixed with Southern hospitality and Nigerian sensuality, my bubbly and soft spoken personality reveals an innocent doll that you trust to satisfy you Madison. Age: 27. My name is ola and i am young warsaw girl and provide companion service in poland. I treat people with love and respect and have warm, friendly manners.

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He has been suffering from nightmares and you left him the perfect excuse to avoid dealing with his unhappiness by leaving him a mountain of paperwork," Thranduil criticised the King of Gondor, as he looked directly at Aragorn. When the elf, Stubby, backed away from Hermione, she was in too much shock to cover herself back up. Faramir spent the next two weeks handing over the administrative duties to Beregond who had, at first, thought the duties a form of punishment. The fear in her voice was apparent, and her squeaking voice sounded like an underfed mouse compared to Mrs. Posted by Natan Berkov at 1: After complaining that there was enough food on the tray to feed a small army, Faramir ate most of the food that Maglor had brought back. Faramir's eyes widened as he continued to look at Maglor and then to Legolas who was sitting on the windowsill to his left. Glorfindel was grinning from ear-to-ear as he remembered his own battles with the "duo horribus" also known as the Elrondion twins. The wizard could not help chuckling at Estel's wide eyes as the young human tried to take in the grandeur of the huge caverns dug out of the mountain that made up the Halls of Mirkwood. Overwhelmed, the young Steward stood speechless. He has managed to slip his leash," Thranduil laughed in astonishment as realisation struck. Elrond and Thranduil had gone out to inspect goods that had been brought back by elves who had just returned from a trading expedition to a few human villages known for exceptional quality goods. Eyes narrowing, the Mirkwood Seneschal dipped his head slightly to his young charge conceding this first round to the Steward of Gondor.

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Undeterred by Harry's ingenious plan of "jumping out of the way" the elf threw his arms around Hermione's midsection luckily, Hermione was shorter than Harry so the elf's head was around her bellybutton. Create a free website Powered by. Later that evening an inebriated and sombre young human made his way to where the elves had camped. The young human disappeared into a tavern. Thranduil and Elrond walked into the dining hall and sat down at the main table.

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