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Badask is the gamertag. In the first game I stopped one guy from boosting to a nuke, he was 15 — 0, hiding in the back corner of the map with his friend on my team with a tactical insertion. This bullshit is compounded by the fact that the FAL fires the same ammunition on semi-auto yet has tonnes more recoil and pretty much all the other assault rifles fire less powerful ammunition yet are harder to control. MW1 was very fresh, incredible. Weird thing is that I never got the title. Instead, it refined some existing elements and combined elements from multiple series. Anfisa. Age: 19. xoxoxoxooxoxx Reena. Age: 27. I am a mature, very busty escort

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Someone at my school said that the Scar-H is the best gun so I tried it out myself and now I'm getting a whole lot more kills, the only bad thing about this gun is that it has only 60 bullets total. And cool akimbo animation V 3 Comments. The game mode was called Nazi Zombies and it was only available after having completed the campaign. Multiplayer One of the cool things about the original Call of Duty was that multiplayer and singleplayer were given equal attention. No one uses this gun but once you get akimbo it is amazing, I have gotten so many headshots with it even though it has a lot of recoil. I don't get why people put RDS on Shotguns Got my first nuke the other day. Two in team deathmatch and one in free for all. Aug 31, Messages: Over half of the Infinity Ward employees resigned following the departure of West and Zampella. Includes game and case with original cover artwork. That prisoner turns out to be Captain Price, who has appeared in basically every Call of Duty game at this point. Stop right now, you're wasting time. To domdaddy — And yet, your a member of this obviously geeky website, and marcus is not… I tend to think if anyones the fat star wars light saber holding fat kid, its YOU.

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You nailed it, plus when the guys with dual akimbo shotguns are running they look like tards! You kill an enemy and he gets to spawn right behind you earning a free kill… 2 Maps — in mw1 the maps were made very well. You forgot to mention the douche bags that use commando and knife people from over 10 ft away. That is not very true. Not only that, but the range of a claymore blast is about yards… the kill range of a claymore in MW

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